Introduction to my songs' blogs!

Hello Hello!


Not too long ago, I was listening to a song from Alicia Keys and I started wondering: Why did she write that? Where was she when she got inspired? While talking it over with Secavilla, I decided that I want to answer the questions (to my songs!) that I wish I knew from my favorite artists. Since I have been recording since the age of 15, I have a lot of songs that have a sentimental story to them, some concern love, some were inspired by anger, some for fun and some are really personal , like family personal. I love all my babies and it will be my pleasure to put them up, one by one, in my player and write about how they were born. Just so you know, some songs were recorded at home (some of my first creations), so the sound, not so good, but the lyrics and the feel to it is what matters. Most of my songs were recorded at a studio, different studios, different sounds, different years but always me :) I will be posting a "new" song every 2-3 weeks and the blog will come not too far behind. Listen to my song, try to imagine what I was thinking or doing

and then read my blog! If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to write them to me! Enjoy!! 


Welcome to my World :)