My Reina Story

I've decided to write this blog sooner than what I had planned. The reason? Lately, I've been reminded of why I wrote this song to begin with. When I composed Reina, I was living in a small appartment with my boyfriend and we kept fighting for so many little things, but one of the major reasons was because I wanted so much more from him than what he was giving me.


At the time, I had a full time job as an educator in a daycare, and I went home to work on my music (I was signed with a label that was so demanding on songs!) and I had the usual home chores to do. He also had a job, he was a supervisor in a collection agency, the difference between me and him was that he would go home and chill like a king. Now, I understand that he was brought up to think that women do everything while men work and drink their beer but things change. I  had a job, my money. Evolution, equality, respect. I'm not saying that he never helped me around the place, but he frequently waited for me to tell him what to do, I felt he was lacking of initiation and it got to a point where it pissed me off!  I got really tired of picking up after him and a couple of minutes later he would create a new disaster that I also had to clean up without a single thank you, on the contrary, he would get angry at me for touching his things because now he didn't know where his stuff were. All I really wanted was: "Hey babe, thanks for cleaning, for washing our clothes, for scrubbing the toilet, you must be tired. You need help with the dishes? Sit down, I'll give you a massage." Hmmm...I've always been a dreamer but I guess I keep hoping that one day they will come true.


I still want the same thing. I want to be treated like my man's queen. I want to be loved, fully. I believe in change, and I believe that we all should look at ourselves in the mirror and look. Look deep inside our soul and find our truth. "Am I ok? Am I hurting myself or my partner? What can I do to help?" I wrote Reina out of anger. I was fed up of doing so much and of telling him, because my mother always told me: Hablame, que no soy adivina!, in other words I can't guess what you want. So I stopped expecting and started being honest, saying what I wanted and what I needed but, that also failed with my boy. I felt desperate so I cried and cried all by myself and probably threw some cushions around until finally I sat down and wrote Reina, words that were directly connected with my sorrow.


Everything I say in that song is real and sometimes still is. If there are men reading my blog, know that a large amount of women, including myself, love to feel appreciated and loved and once in a while, swept away! A happy woman will make her man the happiest person in the world. She will take care of you, forever. But when she is sad, pick her up. When you are partners, you should have each others back, no matter how hard the situation is. Once the obstacles are dealt with, we will be stronger.


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    Hopefully i'm doing this right (vendredi, 26 août 2011 15:17)

    I really loved reading this! I being working hard with my Speech Therapist, and my Spanish Speech Therapist (I call her MOM)! Anyway lets get started I agree with almost 90% of what you were saying this is a different time you dont say ok woman do this fix this make me stake WOMAN, I here you I do! But before we get back there lets start with one thing me and mario do have incoming, if you move my movies, video games, etc.! Forget about it, they are set up a specific way to were there's no way to have to think much about there in certain place set up were it's easy to locate them I get nuts when that stuff is moved, so to homeboy a feel him on that side! But this is not his Blog (my Speech therapist would be so proudd I tell you)! The Idea of Love that i'm almost positive it's real (I dont now if I'll ever have it but I'd like to some day) but sometimes the dream or hope how ever you want to explain it is not always what you expected! I've picked up girls "Disney" stile and it's cute but I wanted this guy to do not you, but think for that minite when I could pretend it was that other person, but your a nice guy, seeeee yyaaaahhhhh! Or when I went my screw this and acted like a completely mean person (sad enough that lasted longer then most ove the girls in my life, witch make no sense with this idea of true "Love")! But in this world these days man and womam they need to work together to understand each other, so he can see Futbol, or Football, baseball, will they try to see what the other person finds interesting some Soap show, Glee, some girls like "UFC" life is changing as it always does! But maybe you should talk to the others girls let them understand what means something to them as well, because many guys that were good men once swept some girls and they just ohhhh wrong guy but thanks I quesss lol! But men them selves have to let go, and forget those girls that hurt you once! Understand these people that have ended up big in your life and work together to make this world a better place, and maybe just maybe that will mean something, someone will be loved deeply, as there swept up "Higher and Higher" (i had to us Youtube to make sure I was speeling that right)! And maybe just maybe "Love" will do what it's soposs to do! Hope I did this write and teffently enjoyed reading your blog Vani ("Vani.B" best Spanish Singer/ singing writter eevvvaaaaaa)

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    VaniSeca (samedi, 27 août 2011 11:59)

    I agree with you with the misplacing HIS things, trust me, I don't do it anymore! What I'd hoped was a little more communication a little less confrontation. We are smart beings and anything explained to us, is easy to understand, the changing part is more difficult, but once you understand why it's better to get rid of your negative behaviors, it becomes easier to do. Thank you for your wonderful comment, you definitely did it right! For me, Love is the best feeling ever :)