This is my Destiny

This Is My Destiny


I'm trapped. Trapped in a circular very small, no space to lift my arms, kind of small space. I'm surrounded by darkness. How will I ever dig myself out of here?

I can't even use my arms. I stay, numb. I don't move but I think a lot. About everything that went wrong in my life, about how I let myself get in this hole. I bash myself for a bit, let my mind speak and then, start listening. Complete Silence.
This goddess like figure appears in the universe. She can see me. Me and so much more. She is immense, shaped like a wise woman filled with very intense energy floating in and out of her and I then see tiny me, through her eyes. She looks and sees that I am trapped in a very small dirt ball. Her presence makes me realize that there is life outside of this prison. I hesitantly start moving my fingers, scratching the dirt and start digging a hole motivated by the outside world, where the goddess is. My vision is helped by her presence. I can see my road through her eyes. At times, I get tired. I stop, breathe, pray just so I could keep the beautiful connection with the goddess. I remind myself that I believe in me, find strength again and keep digging, keep advancing. Just keep swimming. I finally dig the last piece of dirt that reveals the light. I've reached my goal. A goal that forms part of my destiny. I can move, I can dance, I can sing, I can run, I can jump, I can do so much now that i am free, now that i can see the light. This light helps me find my next door, my next destination. Theres so many places to see, theres so much to learn. I stay in this light for a while, i sit down and thank the higher power, the goddess, god, the universe for helping me come back to my essence, back home. I'm off again, but this time, I will bring knowledge from my last experience. Learn, grow, share the knowledge, live wisely with love and awareness. I live with passion and where there is fire, flames will burn. Trapped again, different experience same formula, I will dig myself out. This is my destiny. 
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